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Haru- 67years old this year
He has been in the knife making industry since 1965.

For over 40 years he worked with various knife makers including
Kershaw, Ka Bar, Bob Dozier(US custom knife maker) and so on.
Haru was fundimental in establishing Kershaw knives in Japan about 20 years ago.

Haru has won "collaboration model" awards with Bob Dozier and received an award at 2003 Atlanta Blade show.

KA-BAR Wins Imported Knife of the Year Award
Olean, NY
KA-BAR Knives, Inc., a subsidiary of Alcas Corporation, wins the Blade Magazine Imported Knife of the Year Award.
On Saturday, June 5 at the Blade Magazine Awards Banquet held at the Blade Show in Atlanta, Georgia, KA-BAR was honored with the Imported Knife of the Year Award for it's D2 Dozier Folding Hunter. This makes the second consecutive year the company has walked away a winner. In 2003 KA-BAR won the Knife of the Year Award in the Best Buy category.

Haru's specialty is that he can judge how the blades are assembled
immediately just by listening to the click sounds of the blade opening/closing so that his folders are assembled with the best balance.

Haru is also registered as an excellent knife craftsman by Seki city local government.

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Haru SC-116B
Price : $286.00
Blade: ATS-34 Blade Length: 135mm Handle: Micarta Sheath: Leather