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This section is dedicated to Paul Chen Samurai swords.

Hanwei is the name of the forge where Paul Chen creates all his swords. The Paul Chen brand is considered one of the largest selling brand of both decorative but also battle ready Samurai and Japanese swords in the world.

Paul Chen's Katanas are created with various high carbon steel. The forging techniques used in their creation is specifically designed to improve the strength of each swords. These swords are known to be almost impossible to break whether it is in competition or during cutting exercises.

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Paul Chen Kami Series Wakizash PC1202
Price : $1796.85
Paul Chen Kami Series Wakizashi. 26 1/2" overall. 18 3/4" hand forged sharpened folded K120C powder
Paul Chen Katana Sword PC2073
Price : $572.33
Paul Chen Katana Sword. Practical Plus Katana Sword. 41" overall. Sharpened 27 1/4" hand forged and
Paul Chen Knight in Shining Armor PC1021
Price : $399.30
Paul Chen Knight in Shining Armor. 26" overall including base. Polished stainless steel suit of plat
Paul Chen Knight in Shining Armor PC1022
Price : $399.30
Paul Chen Knight in Shining Armor. 26" overall including base. Polished stainless steel suit of plat
Paul Chen Lion Dog Wakizashi PC2449
Price : $1089.00
Paul Chen Mammen Axe PC2041
Price : $119.79
Out of Stock
Paul Chen Mammen Axe. 17 3/4" overall. Steel axe head with 4" cutting edge and decorative Viking art
Paul Chen Musashi Iaito PC6003IGG
Price : $492.47
Paul Chen Musashi Iaito. 40 1/2" overall. 29" unsharpened forged tempered steel blade. Genuine raysk
Paul Chen Musashi Miyamoto PC1016
Price : $1011.56
Paul Chen Musashi Miyamoto. Daito. 45 1/4" overall. 29 1/8" blade. This item ships UPS oversized. Mu
Paul Chen Musashi Miyamoto PC1017
Price : $665.50
Paul Chen Musashi Miyamoto Wakizashi. 26 1/8" overall. 18 1/4" blade. Musashi swords have a sharpene
Paul Chen Pipe Hawk Axe PC2119
Price : $146.41
Paul Chen Pipe Hawk Axe. 18 5/8" overall. Steel axe head with 2 3/8" cutting edge. Fully functional
Paul Chen Practical Hand-and-a-Half Practical Sword PC2106
Price : $302.50
Practical Hand-and-a-Half Practical Sword. 40 3/4" overall. 34 1/4" unsharpened fully tempered steel
Paul Chen Practical Katana PC1070
Price : $332.75
Paul Chen Practical Katana 39 1/2" overall. Sharpened 27" forged and differentially tempered high ca
Paul Chen Practical Langmesser PC2458
Price : $465.85
Paul Chen Practical Langmesser. 38 1/8" overall. 28 5/8" 5160 high carbon steel blade. Full tang. Br
Paul Chen Practical Ninja PC1071
Price : $332.75
Paul Chen Practical Ninja Sword. 34 1/4" overall. Sharpened 22 1/2" forged and differentially temper
Paul Chen Practical Pro Katana PC2162
Price : $638.88
Paul Chen Practical Pro Katana 45 3/4" overall. 29 1/2" sharpened hand forged high carbon steel blad
Paul Chen Practical Scramasaxe PC2297
Price : $162.38
Paul Chen Practical Scramasaxe 17 3/4" overall. 12 3/8" unsharpened high carbon steel blade with rou
Paul Chen Practical Tanto PC2254
Price : $189.00
Paul Chen Practical Tanto. 11 5/8" overall. 6 7/8" hand forged high carbon steel blade, differential
Paul Chen Practical Wakizashi PC2061
Price : $372.68
Paul Chen Practical Wakizashi. 28" overall. Sharpened 20" forged and differentially tempered carbon
Paul Chen Practical Wushu PC2062
Price : $212.96
Paul Chen Practical Wushu Sword. 36 1/2" overall. 30" ultra flexible spring steel blade that tapers
Paul Chen Raptor Tanto PC2423
Price : $385.99
Paul Chen Raptor Tanto. 16 5/8" overall. 10 7/8" forged 5160 high-carbon steel tanto blade. White ra
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