High Gear Axio HR HG20116

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High Gear Axio HR HG20116
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High Gear Axio HR Altimeter/Barometer with Heart Rate Monitor. EL backlight display. Water resistant to 50m (165 ft.) Mineral glass LCD. Features (1)Altimeter with Swiss Air Pressure/Temperature sensor, 1m or 1 ft; working range: 2,312ft to +30,045ft (-705m to +9,158m); 12 hour weather forecast icon; 3 presets; Speed calculation - rate of ascent/decent; Altitude alarm; Graphic display; Log boot memory - 20 logs; and Data recall function. (2) Barometer with display measure: MBAR/hPa/inHg - range 300MBAR to 1,100MBAR (hPa) / 8.86 in Hg to 32.48 in Hg.; Resolution 1 MBAR (hPa) / 0.01 in Hg. (3) Thermometer: range +14f to +122f / -10c to +50c; resolution 0.1f / 0.1c. (4) Heart Rate Monitor measures Continuous Heart Rate (chest strap included); Display measure in Metric or Imperial; 4 presets; Auto or Custom set HR zones; (5) Heart Rate Chronograph with 24 hour range; 1/100 second resolution; 30 laps/splits; 10 run memory; and data recall function. (6) Chronograph with 24 hour data range; 1/100 second resolution; 50 lap/split memory. (7) Time with 12/24 hour display formats; 2 alarms and dual time zones. User replaceable battery. Boxed with hanging tab.

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Country of Origin: China