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Designed by an archer with over 25 years experience - the WILDSTEER knife is the result of several years of research and observation to satisfy the needs of archers everywhere.

Using the extractor as a vise, you will be able to easily unscrew the shaft from the arrow head accidentally driven into a tree or piece of wood. Special notches in the hilt of the knife and of the extractor will allow you to insert and grip firmly the shaft without causing any damage and thus allow you to easily unscrew the shaft from the the arrow head.

Using the lever effect of the WILDSTEER knife and its special extractor you will easily be able to recover the arrow head.

For more difficult situations the "Tanto" point of the WILDSTEER knife will enable you to chisel the surrounding wood with precision by striking the pommel with your palm and thus free the arrow head.

The extractor can also be used as a sharpening tool for your hunting arrow heads.

The notches on the WILDSTEER knife blade will be very useful to file down rough or broken shafts ( when sizing up or salvaging a shaft ) before fitting on the insert.

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Wild Steer Baby Wild WSBBI Price : $351.43 Wild Steer Baby Wild. 7 3/4" overall. 3 1/2" Sandvik 12C27 stainless blade with satin finish and not Add to Wishlist
Wild Steer Bayonet WSWAIF Price : $691.30 Overall: 11.875"; Blade: 6.875" | 4116N Stainless | Partially Serrated Edge | Black Finish; Handle: Add to Wishlist
Wild Steer KRILL Solid Blade WSKR01N Price : $118.43 Type: Neck Knives; Overall: 4.5"; Blade: 2" l Stainless l Standard Edge l Satin Finish; Other Info: Add to Wishlist
Wild Steer Skelet with Sheath WSSKXX Price : $128.02 Overall: 9.25"; Blade: 4.25" | X46Cr13 Stainless | Standard Edge | Stonewash Finish; Other Info: Lan Add to Wishlist
Wild Steer Wild Tech 2 WSPWT2013 Price : $351.43 Wild Steer Wild Tech 2. 7 3/4" overall. 3 3/4" DLC titanium coated Sandvik 12C27 stainless blade. Ha Add to Wishlist
Wild Steer X-Wild WSXWILD02 Price : $468.58 Wild Steer X-Wild. 11 3/4" overall. 6" X46Cr13 stainless blade with bowie style point, blood groove Add to Wishlist
Wildsteer Centurion-K Black WSCEN3113 Price : $242.00 4.72" black N690 steel blade. Black paracord handle. Inward guard and notches for holding the thumb. Add to Wishlist
Wildsteer Centurion-K Urban WSCEN3114 Price : $242.00 4.72" black N690 steel blade. Urban Camo paracord handle. Inward guard and notches for holding the t Add to Wishlist
WildSteer Dague SAS Fixed Blade WSSAS3115 Price : $347.88 Following on from the SAS Parachutists of France, the 1er RPIMa (French 1st Marine Infantry Parachut Add to Wishlist
Wildsteer EDC Framelock WSCBX01 Price : $217.64 4 1/2" closed. 3 1/2" X46Cr13 stainless blade with thumb slot. Matte finish stainless handles with W Add to Wishlist
WildSteer Mosquito Throwing Knife Set WSMOS01 Price : $130.00 9.75" (24.77cm) overall. 4.25" (10.8cm) stonewash finish double edge X46Cr13 stainless spear point b Add to Wishlist
WildSteer Scorpion Neck Knife WSSCO3113 Price : $115.00 Black finish with black paracord wrapped handle. Kydex sheath. Weight:0.26lbsCountry of Origin:Fran Add to Wishlist
Wildsteer SLIM 79 Satin Finish Price : $99.22 4 3/8" closed framelock. 3 3/8" satin finish X46Cr13 stainless blade. Brushed stainless handles with Add to Wishlist
Wildsteer TROLL Fixed Blade WSTR00113 Price : $120.00 7.87" Overall. 3.30" 14C28N stainless steel blade. Black tactipren handle. Kydex sheath and soft loo Add to Wishlist
Wildsteer W Pocket WSWPO01 Price : $387.27 4 1/2" closed framelock. 3 1/4" X46Cr13 stainless tanto blade with thumb stud. Features double locki Add to Wishlist
WildSteer W Tech4 XL Black WSWT4XL3113 Price : $212.99 ALL OUR KNIVES ARE 100% MADE IN FRANCE FR 11 3/4" overall. 6 1/4" stainless steel Sandvik 1 Add to Wishlist
Wildsteer W'eStaing WSWES05 Price : $588.89 8 1/2" closed. 12 5/8" open. 7 1/2" X46Cr13 stainless skinner blade. Stainless handles with Rosewood Add to Wishlist
WildSteer Wild Tiger Machete WSWT Price : $235.00 WildSteer W Tiger Machete 17 23/32" full tang machete 13" stainless steel X46Cr13 blade 3/16" blade Add to Wishlist
WildSteer Wildsteer WSCBPB Price : $634.72 WildSteer Wildsteer. 10 1/8" overall. 5 1/2" X50CrMoV15 stainless blade with satin finish. Blade fea Add to Wishlist
Wildsteer WING Tactic WSWING3104 Price : $654.47 WING Tactic - 10 3/4" overall. 5 7/8" X40CrMoV13 heavy design blade with gray anti-reflective and co Add to Wishlist