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Maratac Peanut or Split Pea lighters are super quality and a perfect addition to anyones kit as, having an excellent seal to them, they will keep the lighter fluid from evaporating for a substantial amount of time longer than many cheaper models.

Nicknamed the Peanut Lighter as it is the same size as a peanut with its shell on this is a great addition to your personal kit. Great size for your keyring, pocket or cook kit you can put one on your car keys and forget about it - You'll always have a lighter on you.

Dead simple with very few moving parts there is very little to go wrong, simply unscrew the watertight cap and strike/rotate the flint wheel and hey presto - Fire! A great little gadget that really works, no fiddle no fuss and you know the fuel is not going to evaporate away quickly as the cap is waterproof.

Split Pea - 1 1/4" x 1/2" (31.25mm x 12.5mm)
Peanut - 1 7/8" x 1/2" (47mm x 12.5mm)
Takes standard over the counter lighter fluid (not included)

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Maratac Covert Titanium Lock Pick MAR020 Price : $30.00 Dimensions: 3.25" x 2.13". Seven individual pick tools snap out of card. Titanium construction. Bulk Add to Wishlist
Maratac Key Ring Ti Scalpel MAR075 Price : $50.00 Closed: 2.87". Open: 3.62". Diameter: .43". Weight: .65 oz. Constructed of Grade 5 titanium. Non-sli Add to Wishlist
Maratac MaxMad Co Utility Blade MAR073 Price : $65.00 Dimensions: 2.5" X .95" X .23". The main frame is wire EDM ( Electrically Discharged Machining ) cut Add to Wishlist
Maratac Peanut XL Lighter Titanium MAR001 Price : $105.00 Dimensions: 2.75" x 0.75". Lanyard hole. Flat on one end so it can be used as an emergency candle. B Add to Wishlist
Maratac Piccolo Titanium Capsule MAR067 Price : $25.00 .23 oz. External dimensions: 1.5" x .45". Internal dimensions: 1.1" x .35". Titanium dimple pattern. Add to Wishlist
Maratac PSK Brass Flint Wheel Sparker MAR037 Price : $25.00 1.5" overall. Brass handle sparker wheel. Comes with 3 flints. Bulk packed. Weight:0.02lbs Count Add to Wishlist
Maratac Stainless Peanut Lighter MARD27 Price : $50.35 Out of Stock Stainless Peanut Lighter - 1 7/8" overall. 1/2" diameter. 300 series stainless casing. Keyring. Uses Notify Me
Maratac Stainless Split Pea Lighter Titanium MAR042 Price : $80.00 Dimensions: 1.3" x 0.5". Solid brass lighter insert. Removable insert allows it to be used as a wate Add to Wishlist
Maratac Titanium Peanut Lighter MAR041 Price : $88.00 Dimensions: 1.9" x 0.5". Solid brass lighter insert. Removable insert allows it to be used as a wate Add to Wishlist
Maratac XL Piccolo Nitro Vault MAR065 Price : $40.00 .96 oz. External dimensions: 2.1" x .83". Internal dimensions: 1.58" x .68. Top hole .15. Titanium d Add to Wishlist