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Technological know-how, perfect production, elaborate and classy design.

The Realsteel Company was founded in the year 2013 in Hangzhou City on the east coast of China. Since the Chinese mainland does not allow the sale of folding knives with installed locks, Realsteel is mainly focused on markets outside the Peoples Republic. Through our Realsteel products you will discover true strength and sincerity. Realsteel knives are no ordinary Chinese products, Realsteel knives are outstanding products.

Our professionalism, expertise and years of experience in developing and manufacturing reflect in the quality of our knives. Long before Realsteel presented its own brand, our manufacturing facility had more than 15 years of experience in the producing and developing high-quality knives. Realsteel stands for continuous quality and first-class product range. Furthermore, we can look back on a long and stable cooperation with some of the worlds most famous brands. We believe and hope that the Real Steel series is the right choice for you.

We as manufacturers always value our clients wishes and suggestions and will also quickly and directly implement them into future products. Finally we would like to thank our friends and partners from the United States, Germany, Russia and all other countries that have actively contributed to the founding of Realsteel.

Best Regards!

President: W. Meng

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