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Glen was born in Australia and trained as a Jeweller.
He has been doing JuJutsu since he was 6 years old and developed his own style in 1990.
He has a 7th Dan Black belt. He also study Batto, live sword cutting and has a 3rd Dan.
He moved to Japan to live in 1986 and has been creating knives since 1993.
In that time he have won many awards including best in show and best art knife at shows in America, Australia and Japan. His work has been published in many magazines in America, Australia, France, Italy, Japan and Russia to name a few.

Glen does all the work himself, but he does not make his own steel. Glen prefers to use Damasteel, ZDP-189, VG-10 and ZDP-189 VG-10 san mai. Anything that looks like gold on his knives is either 18k or 24k gold.
He likes to use rare materials such as mammoth tusk, titanium, gold, silver and many others.

Each knife that he creates is a one of a kind and a work of love which he hopes will survive the passing of time for many, manygenerations. That is why he uses materials that are impossible to or very resilient to rust.

Glen's knives often tell a story and have a Japanese theme to them. Probably a combination of his love of Japan, its history, mythologyand the27 years that he have been in Japan. He also likes to hide many interesting things on his knives as part of the voyage of discovery of his art.

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