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Koji's son, Dew Hara is now 43 years old. He grew up in a knife family and naturally got involved with the knifemaking by helping his father and learning his technique. As you know, Master Koji Hara is famous for the Art knives with precision and detailed hand inlay work and established his own world of Japanese traditonal Art knives. Now that Dew has worked and studied for over 20 years at his father's workshop, it's time to go to his own direction for an another Dew's World. Of course, it's not easy, and is a long way, but he has a passion and talent of creating something unique in his own design and function. We, at Kencrest/JKD would like to team up with Dew to support and work together for his final goal.

Apart from his father, Dew has been training at the well-known custom knifemaker, Anthony Marfione as his disciple. Due to the visa problem, he had to return to Japan in two years, but it was a great experience for him to learn something different from his father. Upon his return, he came up with the "NOAH" series of unique Tactical Folders

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