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Bestech Knives Team is a professional manufacturer and exporter of MEDIUM and HIGH QUALITY knives in China for OEM in the past 10 years.
Due to our faster and faster new designs development, we are confident that we can bring more and more good designed highly qualitied knives to consumers, we decided to build up our new brand-BTK. We are proudly to share with all of our fans that every new model is patented.
So, Bestech Knives Team will always provide the most innovative designs to the market. We believe good quality and innovative designs will be paramount for our new brand expanding.
To achieve this, Bestech Knives Team has a very strong team with continuous design and well controlled manufacturing, with equipments including CNC grinding machines, CNC machines, stamping machines, wire cutting machines, laser cutting machines, anodized coating machines, imported sandbelt machines, etc.

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