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KPL will improve the action of your folder. KPL™ (Knife Pivot Lube) is a synthetic lubricant designed specifically for the pivot mechanisms in modern folding knives. KPL's high-end synthetic base provides ultimate smoothness. Wickability modifiers help KPL penetrate low tolerance interfaces while corrosion inhibitors protect your knife.

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Knife Pivot Lube Heavy Price : $30.00 KPL Heavy™ is a higher viscosity version of the KPL you know and love. KPL Heavy is highly thixot Add to Wishlist
Knife Pivot Lube Original Knife Oil Price : $26.00 KPL (Knife Pivot Lube) Knife Oil keeps dirt, metal particles, and grit "in suspension" so they don't Add to Wishlist
Knife Pivot Lube Triple Combo Pack Price : $60.00 All of KPL's Products in one easy-to order package that saves you money! Recommended Uses: KPL Add to Wishlist
Knife Pivot Lube Ultra-Light Price : $26.00 After over a year of research and testing, KPL has completed its lubricant lineup with an ultralight Add to Wishlist