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Expertly Designed Tactical Gear.

Shalom and thank you for visiting LOTARCombat.com

I'm Nir AKA "300", I'm an IDF Veteran and former commanding officer of Israel's elite counterterror unit, with over 27 years experience in active & reserve duty, close combat instructing and defense consulting.

Above all - I’m a disruptive innovator & defiant designer at heart.

I've created LOTAR Combat® from the operator's perspective, applying years of combative experience in designing advanced gear with emphasis on optimum ergonomics, extreme impact and harsh condition resistance, and above all, cultivating no-nonsense functional tool, delivered in aggressive, badass design for your last ditch of defense.

LOTAR Combat® knives surpass MilSpec standards and are rigorously tested on and off the field by IDF Tier-1 unit members. Battle tested and custom-made, these individually machined and hand-crafted knives are available only as limited edition/quantity per design. LOTAR Combat® knives are individually built, serialized and certified for lifetime warranty

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