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Often copied over the years, Grohmann is still the original and sole manufacturer of the D.H. Russell Belt Knives for over 50 years. Our quality Canadian belt knives are proudly owned by private collectors and sports enthusiasts from around the world. People who own a Grohmann knife are connoisseurs of perfection and have come to expect superior handcrafted quality that can't be matched.

Our knives are recognized around the world for their exceptional beauty, balance and quality. They have won more than 25 international honors including a display at New York's prestigious Museum of Modern Art.

Since introducing the highly successful D.H. Russell Belt Knives, Grohmann Knives have added their own line of knives designed and crafted to meet the rigorous demands faced by those who must make a living from or survive in the Canadian outdoors and abroad.

Each of our knives comes with a custom designed, top grade, oil tanned leather sheath or case. Most have a nylon wrist thong for safety in handling. Most outdoor knives are available in Classic Rosewood, Linen Micarta, Xtra Resinwood, Natural Water Buffalo Horn and Water Buffalo Jigged Bone, and Natural Staghorn handles.

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