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United Cutlery celebrates over 28 years of innovation and design
For over twenty years United Cutlery has been distinguished by our unique and innovative product designs that cover a wide range of knives and swords, from functional to fantasy:

Collectible Movie Replicas
Functional Swords and Martial Arts
Fantasy Swords
Throwing Knives
Sporting and Hunting Knives
Personal Protection/Military Knives
Folding and Utility Knives
Camping/Fishing Knives
Displays and Stands

United is well known for our movie prop replicas, fantasy collectibles, our great selection of functional sport and utility knives, traditional samurai swords, and our unique designer knives and swords by Kit Rae and Gil Hibben. Often imitated, but never exceeded, United Cutlery strives to make our knives and swords to the highest standards in the industry, with superior value, quality, performance, great customer service, and prices that cannot be beat!

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