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Linder Knives is an old German cutlery company. Their roots go back to 1870 and beyond and their products are very German in appearance.

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Linder Alamo Bowie RS LD178125 Price : $490.00 More than forty years ago we introduced the giant Linder The Alamo Bowie - a knife with a 40 cm blad Add to Wishlist
Linder Bowie LD176425 Price : $506.07 Linder Bowie. 15" overall. 9 3/4" 440 stainless bowie blade. Full tang. Genuine stag handles. Brown Add to Wishlist
Linder Champ Fixed Blade Stag LD105009 Price : $290.40 3 3/4" ATS-34 stainless drop point blade, 8 1/4" overall, stag handle, stainless guard and pommel, l Add to Wishlist
Linder Classic Hunter LD571410 Price : $160.03 Traditional hunting knife with stainless 440A blade. Real stag handle. Blade length 10cm Add to Wishlist
Linder Compact Hunter LD443308 Price : $111.32 This small hunter fits your coat pocket. 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade, real stag handle. Stainless Add to Wishlist
Linder Crocodile Hunter LD203625 Price : $477.94 Linder Crocodile Hunter Wood Handle. 15 1/4" overall. 10 1/4" high carbon steel blade with blood gro Add to Wishlist
Linder Crocodile Hunter LD203630 Price : $423.50 Crocodile Hunter with large C60 carbon steel blade. Hardness approx. 58-59 Rockwell. Cocobola wood h Add to Wishlist
Linder Dagger LD210013 Price : $231.95 Linder Dagger. 9 1/4" overall. 5" 440 stainless dagger blade. One-piece round design genuine stag ha Add to Wishlist
Linder Deluxe Bowie LD177525 Price : $616.18 Linder Deluxe Bowie. 15 1/8" overall. 9 1/2" 440 stainless bowie blade. One side of blade has buffal Add to Wishlist
Linder Fixed Blade Carbon Steel LD192513 Price : $170.39 Fixed Blade Carbon Steel - 9" overall. 5" carbon steel blade. Brown leather wrapped handle with bras Add to Wishlist
Linder Fixed Blade Deer Horn LD754311 Price : $232.00 Drop-forged blade of 1.4116 stainless steel, blade length 11 cm (4-1/4"). Genuine stag handle with n Add to Wishlist
Linder Forester LD164610 Price : $285.82 Linder Forester. 8 3/4" overall. 4" 440 stainless blade with integral finger guard. Full tang. Genui Add to Wishlist
Linder Forstnicker LD165412 Price : $292.86 Linder Forstnicker. 8 1/8" overall. 4 1/2" partially serrated 420 stainless blade with integral fing Add to Wishlist
Linder Handlelight LD105309 Price : $557.61 Linder Handlelight. 9 1/4" overall. 3 1/2" ATS-34 stainless drop point blade. Ebony wood comfort gri Add to Wishlist
Linder Heavy Duty Machete LD449025 Price : $74.98 Linder Heavy Duty Machete. 16 3/4" overall. 10 3/8" black finish stainless blade. Full tang. Contour Add to Wishlist
Linder Herald Razor Strop LD888002 Price : $106.49 Linder Herald Razor Strop. Suitable for solid or tube strop paste. Swivel and handle nickel plated. Add to Wishlist
Linder Herold Razor Strop with Clamping Fixture LD888003 Price : $119.28 Linder Herold Razor Strop with Clamping Fixture. Pre-sharpening on reverse (red) side, fine-sharpeni Add to Wishlist
Linder Hunter LD144510 Price : $386.58 Linder Hunter. 8 5/8" overall. 4" 440 stainless blade. Full tang. Genuine stag handles with aluminum Add to Wishlist
Linder Kentucky Bowie LD101020 Price : $536.53 Linder Kentucky Bowie. 12 5/8" overall. 7 3/4" 440C stainless bowie blade. Full tang. Genuine stag h Add to Wishlist
Linder Mark I LD107512 Price : $320.99 Linder Mark I. 9" overall. 4 5/8" 440C stainless blade. Genuine stag round design handle with stainl Add to Wishlist