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Kiku Matsuda has thirty four years of experience in blade grinding. He is a fifth generation Japanese knife grinder. His unique grinds are well known in knife industry. Four hundred years ago his samurai ancestors fought in Sekigahara battle (Most profound battle in history of Japan). Kiku Matsuda, the new knife maker, has a magic hand in grinding and polishing blades in any angle and direction. Unlike normal grinders, he uses a side flat area of the power wheel as his canvas, to create 3D grindings, concave, hollow, flat, Hamaguri (convex), twist, double and triple grindings in a free hand. Kiku knives are among the sharpest in the world. Kiku first blade steel preference is the OU-31 (see details of this newly developed specialty steel here), but he also uses D2, ATS-34 and VG-10. The blade durability, edge sharpness and longer edge retention of his knives are not only for the steel character, but also for his special Hamaguri-Ba (Japanese Convex edge famous for Katana) grinding. After polished the blade, he will use a special art etching process on the blade for non-glare finish, corrosion resistance and blade surface protection. He prefers to use G-10 for the handles, hand contoured and shaped to fit with hand with an unique parachute cord guard. Each knife comes with hand fitted Kydex sheath with Tek-Lok carrying device.

Kiku has grinded blades for several manufacturers including William Henry and SOG and has won international awards for his blade designs. His knives will only increase in value and become true collectors items in the future.

You will be amazed with the outstanding blade grinding and cutting performance of Kiku Knives when you actually use it. We would like you to experience and prove it, His custom knife production is very limited right now, and these are some of the first pieces to arrive here in Australia.

Kiku Knives by Kiku Matsuda

OU-31 steel: It is a micro fine steel made by Nippon Koshuha Steel Co., Ltd. It features high hardness, HRc 64, and is 3 times tougher than that of D2. Reported to have 10 times longer edge holding than ATS-34 according to cutting tests.

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Kiku Aoba - 1 in stock only Price : $1020.00 M390 etched steel Add to Wishlist
Kiku Betsu Kamui SHSS - extremely rare - 1 only in stock Price : $1120.00 Out of Stock Rare steel SHSS steel blade is no longer in production in Japan Notify Me
Kiku Ibuki - 1 in stock only Price : $950.00 Add to Wishlist
Kiku Masayuki Camper - 1 only Price : $800.00 Add to Wishlist
Kiku Matsuba - 1 in stock only Price : $780.00 Add to Wishlist
Kiku Monsoon G - 1 in stock only Price : $1240.00 Overall Length: 308mm Blade Length:180mm Steel: Damascus SPG2 Thickness: 6mm Weight: 450g Hand Add to Wishlist
Kiku Stout Spear - 1 in stock only Price : $1400.00 "Stout Spear" with improved blade and handle. 9-3/4" long and narrow OU-31 Tanto style blade with Sp Add to Wishlist