Cold Steel Woodsmans Sax 88HUA

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Cold Steel Woodsmans Sax 88HUA
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Did you know that the name of the Saxon race was derived from the knife they carried? It's true the Sax (Seax) knife was so important in their daily lives that an entire people became known by it. So, what was so special about this knife that it endured from the 6th to the 12th century? The answer is, it was easy and cheap to make and incredibly versatile and effective. Usually found without a guard with a simple wood or bone hilt, it offered a long wide, thick blade with a straight edge and a sloping point (easy to forge). This made it just about ideal as it chopped, sliced, hacked, whittled and carved and was no slouch in a fight as the weight forward balance of the blade and sloping point made ferocious chopping and thrusting strokes effortless.

Over the years Cold Steel has become quite enamored with the history and work potential of the sax so they decided to make a simple version and call it the Woodsman's Sax. Like some historical saxes that have survived, the Woodsman’s features a stout 11" long blade with the characteristic sloping point and an unadorned wooden handle made from exotic imported hardwood. Each of the broad-bladed saxes also comes with a sturdy "period correct" leather scabbard, complete with belt straps, and accented with solid brass "period correct" buckles.
Item Number: 88HUA
Name: Woodsman's Sax
Blade Length: 11.0"
Blade Thickness: 6.0 mm
Overall Length: 17.0"
Steel: 1055 High Carbon Steel
Weight: 21.7 oz.
Handle: 6.0" Long. Imported Hardwood
Sheath: Leather Scabbard
Made in India