Hibben Gen III Pro X 3 Throwing Set GH5071

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Hibben Gen III Pro X 3 Throwing Set GH5071
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As the creator of some of the most widely recognized knives in the industry today, Gil Hibben's knowledge and over 60 years of experience are unprecedented in the world of custom knife making. He is the creator of the popular Rambo III Bowie and Rambo IV machete, each specially made for the Sylvester Stallone films. He has also produced one-of-a-kind blades for personalities, like John Wayne, Elvis Presley, Steve McQueen and Steven Seagal.

Gil produced knives for our servicemen to use in Vietnam and his first-hand experience as an Alaskan hunting guide, throwing knife expert, and sixth-degree black belt in Kenpo Karate have contributed to his creating some of the most popular knives of the 20th Century. Mr. Hibben was inducted into the Knife Throwers Hall of Fame in October 2003 for his many contributions to throwing knife designs. United Cutlery is proud to offer production knives based on Gil's custom designs. This top-selling brand consists of throwing knives, hunting knives, personal protection knives, and the most collectible line of production fantasy available today.

Designed for the perfect throw every time by master knife designer Gil Hibben, the Gen III Throwing Knife Set is another addition to his line of professional throwing knives. Each knife is 11" of one, solid piece of 3Cr13 stainless steel with a 6" perfectly shaped blade for maximum target penetration. The handles are designed to guide your hand into the same accurate release each time the knife is thrown. A sturdy nylon triple pocket belt sheath holds the set.

Blade Length: 6"
Overall Length: 11"