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BattleBlades Shinobi Tanto
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We are proud to present the new additions to our Shinobi series. Complete your arsenal with BattleBlades' exquisite full custom and battle-ready handmade short swords. Snazzy and lethal duo with first-class workmanship and premium grade materials.

The striking Shinobi Tanto features a handforged 1095 carbon steel blade with a beautiful and very visible clay tempered hamon. The nagasa is delicately mirror polished and fully sharpened by hand.

The tsuka is covered in stingray skin, wrapped in first grade silk ito and embellished with glossy finished iron kashira and fuchi. Brass seppa and dashing brass habaki complete the assembly.

Impressive and unusual hardwood saya is skillfully covered and fitted with stingray skin, buffalo horn kurikata and koiguchi. The fully handmade sheath represents true masterwork.

All our blades come with an embroidered BattleBlades Inc. silk sword bag and serial numbered certificate.