Rockstead RYO (DLC-Prism series)

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Rockstead RYO (DLC-Prism series)
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This is an additional item of the RYO H-ZDP. All details are the same as original one. It is different of the handles coating that is using the DLC-Prism coating.
The coating process is the same DLC coating. However, some of details are different things. The oven is heated to 400 degrees celsius, achieving a surface hardness near to that of a diamont approximately Hv3000. And the thickness of the coating is 0.3 microns. At this time, we use this special coating to the titanium handle. Because, this coating color is very nice gradation.
Please note : This coating color will be a subtle difference for each handles.

Full length 196mm
Blade length 80mm
Blade thickness 3.2mm
Blade material ZDP189
Blade hardness Around 67 HRc
Total weight 124g
Handle material Titanium
Handle coating DLC-Prism coating