Boker Plus Warbird Aluminium 01BO749

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Boker Plus Warbird Aluminium 01BO749
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The aluminum version of the slim Boker Plus Warbird by Boris Manasherov skillfully combines a full-size knife with a flat design and excellent grip. Although the innovative flipper does not extend sideways when the blade is open or closed, it is not used like a front flipper. It is operated as usual with the index finger, making the overall handling of the knife very intuitive. The large indentations on the sides of the aluminum scales let the fingers easily slip into the correct positions. The handle has a one-sided steel plate with linerlock and a self-supporting front scale with integrated spacer. These design features make the handle lightweight and slim. With a lanyard hole and detachable clip (tip-up).

Type:Pocket Knife
Overall Length:8.86 in
Blade Length:3.74 in
Blade Thickness:0.14 in
Weight:5.15 oz
Designer:Boris Manasherov
Blade Material:D2
Handle Material:Aluminum
Lock Type:Linerlock
Made in:Asia