AMK Adventure First Aid 0.5 Tin

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AMK Adventure First Aid 0.5 Tin
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The AMK Adventure First Aid 0.5 Tin contains basic first aid necessities to treat cuts, scrapes, insect bites and blisters in a portable, stylize, hinged-lid tin case. Add it to a hiking pack, toss one in the glove box or add one to the medicine Station for that vintage first aid look!

Stylish Hinged-Lid Tin: Keeps contents safe in a durable, stylish tin
Stop Blisters Before they Start: Die-cut Moleskin to protect against the hiker's number 1 injury
Easy Access Bandages: Fast and easy application and less contamination risk
Clean and Close Wounds: Antiseptic and alcohol wipes for cleaning small wounds
Also includes splinter picker and tick remover forceps and insect sting relief pads