Dragon King Baika Tanto Plum Blossom DRK35460

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Dragon King Baika Tanto Plum Blossom DRK35460
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From the creative mind of Frenchie Jin, CAS proudly presents the Baika Tanto from the Dragon King forge. This unique piece features a san mai stainless steel blade and a fully wrapped, genuine ray skin handle. San mai is an ancient lamination technique developed by the master forgers of Japan where steels of differing qualities could be combined to produce a superior blade. In this style of san mai a hard core steel is forge welded between two pieces of softer steel. The result is a stainless steel blade with exceptional edge holding that retains the toughness of the softer steel.

Beautiful and functional with a plum blossom motif, this tanto is light in the hand and grips firmly with nodes of the ray skin. Finely detailed gold plated oriole menuki and accents demonstrate Frenchie's keen attention to detail on all Dragon King designs. The gold saya and brown and gold sageo match beautifully and would make the Baika Tanto a great companion piece to the Tatsumaki Katana (SD35120).

Made by Dragon King.

Key Features:

9" san mai steel blade
Fully wrapped ray skin handle
Beautiful plum blossom motif
Baika Tanto
Made In China
Overall: 15 1/8"
Blade Length: 9"
Handle Length: 4 3/4"
Weight: 12 oz
Blade Steel: San Mai

Specs will vary slightly
from piece to piece.